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ResMed VPAP IV ST (Used)


Product Code:IV-ST
Brand:ResMed, Australia
Warranty:3 Months
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Compact, high performance

The latest in ResMed’s VPAP range, VPAP IV ST provides noninvasive bi-level pressure

support therapy for respiratory insufficiency.

  • Proven VPAP performance now in ResMed’s super-compact design
  • The innovative motor provides superior flow performance and excellent response time to improve therapy and patient comfort

Light, compact with comprehensive features

•  Almost half the size of traditional VPAP devices

•  Pressure range 2–25 cm H2O

•  Low noise makes it unobtrusive in the home environment

•  QuickView menu for improved over-the-phone patient management

•  Recurring reminders can be set to specific dates and recurrence periods to support patients and clinicians

•  Smart Data™ for patient therapy feedback

Modes and treatment choices to suit a range of patients

•  Choice of four modes—Spontaneous-Timed (ST), Timed (T), Spontaneous (S) and CPAP

•  The ST mode provides a backup breath in the absence of spontaneous effort to initiate the breath

Designed for effective therapy outcomes

•  Vsync™ technology automatically compensates for leak; the new algorithm enhances triggering and cycling

•  VPAP’s exclusive TiControl™ (inspiratory time control) enables the clinician to manage the respiratory condition case by           case

•  A five-level trigger and cycle sensitivity enable customization at the beginning and end of each breath, improving                       synchronization between the device and the patient’s breathing

Technical Specifications


CPAP, Spontaneous (S),

Spontaneous/Timed (ST), Timed (T)

Pressure range (measured at the mask)

IPAP 4–25 cm H2O (hPa)

ePAP 2–25 cm H2O (hPa)

cPAP 4–20 cm H2O (hPa)

Respiratory rate

5–30 BPM

Ti control

(S, ST mode)

Ti max range

0.1–4.0 sec

Ti min range

0.1–Ti Max sec

Rise time range

Min, 150–900

Trigger and cycle sensitivities

5 levels

Maximum flow capacity at 20 cm H2o

170 L/min

Data display on LCD

Treatment Screen

Mode and pressure, leak, respiratory rate, Vt, trigger and cycle indicators, Ti time, SpO2 and heart rate when ResLink and oximeter are connected.

Results Screen

Usage and efficacy data (leak, Vt, respiratory rate, minute ventilation, spontaneous trigger and cycle %, AHI, pressure)

Res-Scan download data

via Cable

365 summary and 5 detailed sessions

via Res-Link

365 summary and 30 detailed sessions

via Res-Scan data card

180 summary and 2 detailed sessions

Power supply input range

100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz, 110V AC 400Hz

12–24 VDC via ResMed DC 24V/50W converter

Size (l x W x H)

112 mm x 164 mm x 145 mm


1.3 kg

Iec 60601-1 classification

Class II (double insulation), Type CF, Continuous operation


This device is not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or nitrous oxide entrained in the device air-path.


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