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Philips DreamStation Go (Auto CPAP)


Philips Respironics USA DreamStation Go Auto CPAP. Without mask and Humidifier. Optional Humidifier @ 70,000 Brand Name: Philips Respironics Warranty: 1 year Availability: In Stock  
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Philips DreamStation Go (Auto CPAP)

The Philips Dream Station Go (Auto CPAP) is a travel-friendly

version of a standard CPAP machine designed for people with

sleep apnea who require continuous positive airway pressure

therapy. Here’s a closer look at its features:

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Designed for Travel and Convenience:

  • Ultra-compact and Lightweight: The DreamStation Go
  • is significantly smaller and lighter than traditional CPAP machines.
  • making it ideal for packing and carrying on trips.
  • It boasts a compact footprint and a built-in power supply.
  • minimizing the number of components you need to bring.
  • Quiet Operation: The machine operates quietly.
  • ensuring a peaceful sleep environment for you and anyone else in the room.
  • Optional Battery Support: Enhance your travel freedom with an optional overnight battery.
  • This provides backup power in case of outages .
  • lets you use the machine off-grid.
  • Philips Dream Station BiPAP AVAPS

Therapy Features for Effective Sleep:

  • Auto-CPAP Technology: The DreamStation Go Auto adjusts pressure levels automatically throughout the night.
  • This ensures you receive the optimal level of support for your needs.
  • Helping to keep your airway open and prevent sleep apnea events.
  • Flex Pressure Relief (optional): This comfort feature provides a temporary pressure drop when you exhale.
  • making breathing feel more natural and easing you into sleep.
  • Heated Humidifier (optional): The optional humidifier adds moisture to the airflow, which can significantly improve comfort and reduce dryness or congestion associated with CPAP therapy.
  • The DreamStation Go uses a special micro-flexible tubing that remains compatible with the humidifier.

Connectivity and Data Tracking:

  • Built-in Bluetooth: The DreamStation Go allows for wireless communication with your phone or other devices.
  • This can be used to monitor therapy data or adjust settings remotely through a compatible app.
  • DreamMapper App Compatibility: Pair your DreamStation Go with the DreamMapper app to track your sleep therapy progress.
  • view detailed data on sleep apnea events, and gain valuable insights into your sleep quality.

Additional Benefits:

  • User-friendly touchscreen display: The DreamStation Go features a simple and intuitive touchscreen interface for easy navigation and control.
  • USB charging port: A built-in USB port allows you to conveniently charge your phone or other devices while traveling.
  • Airplane travel ready: The DreamStation Go is designed for airplane travel. It automatically adjusts for altitude changes up to 7,500 feet without requiring manual adjustments.

In summary, the Philips DreamStation Go (Auto CPAP) is a perfect choice for those seeking a comfortable and effective sleep apnea treatment solution that prioritizes portability and ease of use. It offers advanced features for travel convenience while remaining feature-rich for optimal therapy.



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