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Philips Dream Station BiPAP AVAPS


The Philips Dream Station BiPAP AVAPS is a non-invasive ventilator designed to treat chronic respiratory conditions by automatically adjusting pressure support based on individual needs.

  • Key Features: AVAPS in 4 therapy modes, quiet operation, humidifier compatibility, data recording.
  • Benefits: Personalized therapy, improved comfort, efficient ventilation, sleep quality monitoring.


Long Description:

The Philips Dream Station BiPAP AVAPS is an advanced non-invasive ventilator for individuals with chronic respiratory issues like sleep apnea, COPD, and neuromuscular disorders.


  • Average Volume Assured Pressure Support (AVAPS): Automatically adjusts pressure to deliver a targeted tidal volume, ensuring optimal ventilation and comfort.
  • Multiple therapy modes: Offers flexibility for various respiratory needs, including CPAP, S, S/T, T, and PC modes.
  • Quiet operation: Minimizes noise disruption for a peaceful sleep experience.
  • Integrated humidifier: Provides comfort by adding moisture to the air, reducing dryness and irritation.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Simple controls and clear display for convenient adjustment and monitoring.
  • Leak compensation: Automatically adjusts for mask leaks, ensuring accurate therapy delivery.
  • Ramp feature: Gently increases pressure at the beginning of therapy for a more comfortable start.


  • Personalized therapy: AVAPS mode tailors pressure support to individual needs, improving treatment effectiveness.
  • Enhanced comfort: Quiet operation and humidification promote a restful sleep experience.
  • Efficient ventilation: Delivers optimal tidal volume for improved breathing and lung function.
  • Improved sleep quality: Advanced features help manage sleep apnea and other sleep disturbances.
  • Better health outcomes: Consistent therapy can reduce daytime sleepiness, improve energy levels, and enhance overall health.
  • Convenient monitoring: Data connectivity empowers patients and healthcare providers to track progress and make informed decisions.


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