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FitLife Philips Respironics Total Face CPAP Mask with Headgear
Brand:Philips Respironics, USA
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Philips Respironics FitLife Full Face CPAP Mask

Patients with facial hair, dentures, facial irregularities, nasal bridge breakdown, or even claustrophobia need a comfortable interface €”and FitLife is the total solutions product that can help overcome these issues.

FitLife Total Face Mask Features and Benefits:

  • Headgear Design Reduces Skin Irritation.
  • Just–The–Right–Size Headgear.
  • Components Designed to Eliminate Leaks and Mimic Natural Breathing.
  • Put On and Take Off Your Mask With Ease.
  • Added Comfort Improves the Quality of Your Sleep.

The FitLife CPAP Mask is Ideal For:

  • Light Sleepers
  • If You Have Facial Hair
  • If You Experience Claustrophobia
  • If You Breathe Through Your Mouth or Nose
  • Wide Facial Structures
  • If You Have Nasal Bridge Breakdown

Headgear Design Reduces Skin Irritation

While some conventional masks feature headgear straps that rest along the cheeks or the bridge of the nose, the advanced headgear for the FitLife Total Face Mask does not. Thanks to this feature, many users notice fewer red marks and irritation across their cheeks and nose after using this comfortable mask.

Just–The–Right–Size Headgear

Because the FitLife mask and accompanying FitLife headgear come in three sizes (small, large, and extra-large), the design on the back of the headgear varies. Some have a cut–out while others do not, but the manufacturer notes the variances do not affect the product’s performance.

Components Designed to Eliminate Leaks and Mimic Natural Breathing

The molded cushion and its ability to seamlessly seal air pressure as it circulates throughout the mask helps eliminate leaks and lets you experience more natural, comfortable breathing. Thanks to the FitLife Total Face Mask’s large surface area and robust seal, eye irritation is greatly reduced, making for even more effective sleep therapy and fewer disruptions in the night.

Put On and Take Off Your Mask With Ease

Simplify your mask’s application and removal with ez peel tabs that make taking your mask on and off a breeze. You won’t have to make readjustments, either, when you return from a quick overnight restroom break thanks to the FitLife CPAP mask’s convenient snap clips.

Added Comfort Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Improve the quality of your sleep thanks to features designed to enhance your comfort. The seal moves pressure off your cheeks and nose, allowing the soft silicone cushion to provide added comfort, while quiet leak ports direct exhaled air away from the user, ensuring a quieter night’s sleep for both you and your partner.

What’s Included:

  • Mask
  • Headgear


This mask is compatible with every CPAP machine except for the AirMini.

Mask Type: Total Face

Headgear / Frame Sizes:



Extra Large

Suggested Replacement Schedule:

The mask cushion cannot be replaced. If you notice increased leaks or that the seal has become degraded, consider replacing the entire mask.

Cleaning Instructions: No

Headgear Included:  Yes

Cushion Type:

  • Silicone

Good For:

  • Stopping Leaks
  • Mouth Breathing


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