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BMC N6 Nasal Mask


The BMC N6 Nasal is a new lightweight nasal mask from BMC.
Brand:BMC, China
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BMC N6 Nasal Mask (Medium)

The BMC N6 Nasal is a new lightweight nasal mask from BMC. The mask’s ultra-lightweight and simplistic design makes it simple to put together, wear, and clean. Because of the unique design, the mask has more movement and flexibility, resulting in less mask leaks. It is, above all, light and comfortable to wear.

BMC N6 Nasal Mask Features

Cushion for the Under-the-Nose

The unique under-the-nose cushion reduces contact with your nose. so that no pressure is applied to the bridge of the nose.

Ventilation with Circular Dispersion

The circular dispersion vent keeps noise to a minimum of 20 decibels (A) In the meantime, make sure your bedmate isn’t disturbed.

Main Frame Modular

All cushion sizes are compatible with the main frame.

Headgear with three points of adjustment

Most head sizes are accommodated by the adjustable headpiece. Wider more diversity, more inclusiveness.


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